Gallup Military Academy

In order to prepare students for the technological advances of the future, each Cadet uses a personal computer and other media as an integral part of schoolwork.  The diverse curriculum which are usually part of a well-rounded school program, is designed to prepare Cadets for higher learning in civilian universities or U.S. Service Academies.

In addition to our world-class, award winning academic program, each Cadet also participates in a variety of military-related training designed to instill respect, discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership skills, national pride and other positive personal traits. 

Gallup Academy provides the “whole person” experience, focusing on intellectual preparation, personal accountability and physical conditioning. This is done through a balance of high-technology, team participation, military standards and exciting recreational activities. Cadets receive the most realistic and challenging military program available. Life as an Gallup Academy Cadet is exciting, challenging and fun!

​Our “military model” that is provided by our Cadet Program is based on the tried and true Core Values of the U.S. Military and provides the military structure for the Gallup Academy Corps of Cadets.

All members of the Gallup Academy Corps of Cadets are instilled with the important values of Honor, Courage and Commitment by an extremely dedicated staff of academic and military professionals.

Welcome to Gallup Academy
"They come as children... 
               They leave as Leaders!!!"
Honor - Courage - Commitment

Gallup Academy is a private, independent, college-prep facility for students ages 12 and up within the Gallup, New Mexico commuting area. 

We are a day school for students within the Gallup commuting area. We do not have facilities for boarding students at this time.

We are moving forward with the formation of the Academy starting in the 2014/2015 school year.  To prepare for the opening of the academy, we will have MANDATORY MEETINGS for all prospective cadets and their parents/guardians EVERY MONDAY EVENING at 6:30pm at the Gallup Airport Terminal Building!   

During this meeting, the Academy Commandant will announce a few changes in the way the academy will operate, explain the actual enrollment process and answer all questions.  We would appreciate it that even though you have attended meetings before, to PLEASE continue to attend the Monday Meetings until we get started!  This is a TEAM EFFORT and Cadets and the parents are part of the Gallup Academy Team!